Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra <CybOrk> is an ‘open source', improvised and highly integrated sonic environment, created by musicians, artists and programmers Andrey Smirnov, Lubov Pchelkina, Viktor Chernenko, Alexander Kulagin, Dmitry Savinov, Alexey Petrov, Dmitry Baikov, Dmitry Subochev, Artem Rukovichkin, Alexander Zenko, Eugeny Kuzmin as well as numerous collaborators and occasional partners. It was founded in May, 2006 at the Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory <>, electroacoustic and interactive music lab.

CybOrk is a large net of spatially separated mobile workstations, having local sound and integrated into wifi network. It explores all sorts of interaction between players, algorithms, sensors, environments and audiences.


Although CybOrk programs contain pre-composed and structured music, the core esthetics is based on Cyber-Jam idea – free improvised session, based on exploration of some predetermined common algorithms, when no other formal sonic, ompositional or genre boundaries are fixed, no rules of acting are applied. There is only an entry point that triggers adventurous search for constantly changing identity evolving in common time and place, resulting in a self-generative and self-organizing sounding and visual textures raveling and unraveling, fraying and renewing back producing a rich palette of clippings, raw digits, dense overdriven noises, deep drones or skipping solos.


Andrey Smirnov, Lubov Pchelkina, Viktor Chernenko, Alexander Kulagin, Dmitri Savinov, Dmitry Baikov, Dmitry Subochev, Alexey Petrov, Alexander Zenko, Eugeny Kuzmin, Patrik K-H (aka Anton Yakhontov), Kurt Liedwart (aka Vlad Kudriavtsev), Oleg Makarov

In collaboration with Vadim Ugrumov, Nikita Tsymbal, Natalia Poloka, Alexander Golovanov, Alejandra Perez Nunez, Elisabeth Schimana, Cordula Bösze, Alexei Borysov, Nikita Golyshev, Artem Rukovichkin, Stephan Cherepnin, Olesia Rostovskaya

Moscow Laptop Cyber-Orchestra was founded in May, 2006.
It is based at the Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow State Conservatory (the Theremin Center).

Address: Center for Electroacoustic Music, Bolshaya Nikitskaya 13, Moscow, 125009, Russia

e-mail: box2 (at)


Listen to Live CybeJam Sessions:

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Photos by Elena Krysanova