Sasha Kulagin

Music Producer, Sound Designer, Keyboards Player

He's known as one of co-founders russian project Altera Forma. You can read through the additional information about this project under following link:

official group site:

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Project Altera Forma was founded in 2002 in Moscow by Alexey "Comrade" Mostiev and Sasha Kulagin. The decision to follow the so-called pop-concept was taken especially because both members had behind themselves a long way of experiments in the field of underground musical culture of 90-s. So having surfeited with it they chose comprehensible pop-style as the initial base, providing thereby the listener to add any preferred prefix by himself: electro, trip and etc. The first performance of the band took place in June 2003 in club B2 on a festival dedicated to an American band Ministry. The first album featuring the notorious poetess Alina Vitukhnovskaya, named also Altera Forma, was recorded in the same year and released in 2004 by Soyuz Music record-label. Then The Other Movie company engaged Altera Forma to make an exclusive soundtrack to a classical silent Soviet film New Babylon directed by G.Kozintsev. The deadline was in one month despite of huge amount of other projects and also taking into account the solemnity of the film itself (the original soundtrack was written by young Dmitry Shostakovich and didnt preserve to present days). Nevertheless the soundtrack was written in a specific band style with maintaining the peculiarities kept through years and the atmosphere of the film. Concurrently the band started hard concert activity and performed on one stage with such European bands as Haujobb, Funker Vogt, Project Pitchfork, Iris and others. At that moment Sergey Bazin from Uratsakidogi joined the band as a drummer with purposes to add more drive to live performances. Co-performance with cult German band Project Pitchfork gave birth to idea of making Russian tribute to them. Altera Forma induced 16 leading Russian independent musical bands to participate in that action. The result became the compilation named Russian Existence which will be released in the beginning of September 2005. In September - October 2005 the band was performing in their first European tour as a supporting act to Project Pitchfork. The new album of Altera Forma recorded with a famous vocalist Emilia Saaen is also being prepared. The contract for its release is signed with a new Russian electro label Q-code records.